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RE: filmscanners: AcerScanwit

Collin and Todd--
I got this informtion from one of our Acer scanner users. It may help answer
your questions.

Jack Phipps
Applied Science Fiction

- here is the information that Maury pulled together to respond to your
chat-room's comments regarding Acer 2740S performance.
- as you relay this data, please let them know that Digital ICE is rapidly
becoming a de facto standard, not only for consumer film scanners
(particularly w/ the introduction of the 3 Nikon DICE3 units, plus the
Minolta Multi II and Elite, and the Acer unit), but also in the DML
environment (Noritsu 2711, Noritsu 2801, Noritsu 2802, and Gretag D1008).
- so perhaps, "ICE should rank high in most people's list of dinner-party
conversation topics"

Within miraphoto (Acer Software) the autopreview was turned on.  In each
case a series of four slides were scanned and the times given below are the
total times to scan the four images.  Images were gathered using a 600MHz
Pentium III computer with 512MB RAM.

                                        w/o ICE w/ICE      ICE time factor

Auto Preview                    73 sec. 138 sec.        1.89 X  
Scan 300 dpi (High Speed)       102 sec.        225 sec.        2.21 X  
Scan 2700 dpi (High Speed)      155 sec.        350 sec.        2.26 X  
Scan 2700 dpi (High Quality)    155 sec.        369 sec.        2.38 X  

Possibilities for much longer times from this customer might be due to
computer configuration. 

Best regards,
Jorge Gamez

-----Original Message-----
From: Todd Radel [mailto:thr@schwag.org]
Sent: Monday, April 02, 2001 11:58 PM
To: filmscanners@halftone.co.uk
Subject: Re: filmscanners: AcerScanwit

From: "Collin Ong" <collin@pcocd2.intel.com>
> Can you give some real-world numbers on how long a normal scan and a ICE
> scan take?

I can certainly do so. Every few days I scan another batch. Next time I'll
try to remind myself to grab a stopwatch first.

    -- Todd

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