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Re: filmscanners: AcerScanwit

Hi, Todd--

I've been doing Scanwit 2720S since last April. I'm taking it "off List"
because I (and probably some others) think I've probably been hogging too
much reply-time.

You wrote:
>The fact remains though that Acer tech support
claims they only support the scanner when connected to their SCSI card, and
will not support anything at all on Win2K, despite the box claiming
compatibility. Basically they threw up their hands after 3 or 4 calls and
said, "it might be a bug in MiraPhoto, but it's not our problem."

They *always* seem to do that "Hey, it's not our problem!" unless you
"happen" to get a really good Tech (there may only be 1). When they
"throw-up their hands" so often, one would think they'd be more careful of
what they eat! ;-)

>Symptom: the driver (and the application which called it) would frequently
lock up immediately after scanning an image with Digital ICE enabled, before
the image appeared on the screen.

I don't have 2740S or ICE, but have seen that problem, too, and on *three*
Acer scanners. And yes, it occasionally happens in Vuescan, too. My
suspicion is that MiraPhoto sets something up in the firmware; although that
may *not* be the case, I've seen it enough times to become suspicious.

>If I attempt to terminate it from Task Manager, it says the program cannot
be killed.

Yep. Mira definitely takes over. My End Task attempts are about 50%, at
best. Probably less.

>I moved the scanner to my new Linux box (P3 1GHz, 512MB RAM) and tried it
there. Not a lockup so far.

OK, that's good enough to post to the List, because there are enough Scanwit
users here to find it informative, if not absolutely useful to their
applications. I doubt that you and I are the only ones getting lockups.

Best regards--LRA

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