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Re: filmscanners: File format

--- You wrote:
Anyway, I just know I'm going to be nit-picked to death about my very 
simplified descriptions to what are very complex mathematical functions, 
but I hope this is somewhat helpful in explaining the differences 
between JPEG and other compression methods, and why a photograph shows 
less damage by multi-JPEG-ing versus a series of black and white letters.
--- end of quote ---
Art, this was a great and very useful discription of what jpeg does.

My question has to do with decoding jpeg.  I found that a printing utility on my
Amiga decoded a file with much more noise along boundaries than one on my Mac
did, using the same jpeg file.  This suggests that there are different decoders
and different results. Is this true?  Are there programs that should be avoided
in decoding jpegs for display or printing?



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