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Re: filmscanners: OT: JPEG on Amiga

Hi Richard,

As an Amiga user myself, for many years, (in fact, I was using an Amiga
when I was involved with the JPEG group), the answer is today, most
computers should not have any problems dealing with jpeg decompression,
but the Amiga is a now an "Amiga vieja" (old lady friend), and that
explains more than you might realize.

You might recall back in the good old days, that JPEG decoding modules
were being upgraded almost as often as Vuescan.  That situation was
sorted out when the system was finalized, but not so simple with the

I will explain the rest to you in private email, since this is OT.  But
the thing you need to know is that JPEG decompressors now used are
standardized, and you will see little, if any difference between them.


Richard Starr wrote:

 > My question has to do with decoding jpeg.  I found that a printing 
utility on my
 > Amiga decoded a file with much more noise along boundaries than one 
on my Mac
 > did, using the same jpeg file.  This suggests that there are 
different decoders
 > and different results. Is this true?  Are there programs that should 
be avoided
 > in decoding jpegs for display or printing?
 > Rich


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