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Re: filmscanners: new Minolta Scan Dual II not working after one day.

The front sliding door has two positions: one half open for the 35mm
slide/film holder and another more open position for (i think) the APS
adaptor.  I vaguely recall a problem like this happening and after all
kinds of sophisticated troubleshooting, I found out I had the door all the
way open and that caused problems somehow.

Make sure your door is at the half-closed position and try again before
you do anything else drastic.


On Sun, 1 Apr 2001, Rome wrote:

> Hi,
> I've just a bought a new Minolta Dimage Scan Dual II a couple of days ago.
> I plugged it into my Mac G4 and installed the software. I did a couple of
> test scans and it worked. Beautifully! I was very impressed and excited.
> Then I turned off, shut down and unplugged it, as I don't enough spare USB
> sockets on my Mac, or enough space on my desk for the scanner when I'm not
> using it.
> Next day I spent the morning setting up ColorSync profiles on my Mac for
> Photoshop and my monitor, then plugged the Minolta in again to do some more
> scanning with ColorSync now in operation - But now the little green light on
> the front won't come on, and when I fire up the Minolta driver utility on
> its own, or from within Photoshop, or use the Easyscan utility, all I get is
> an error message saying:
> "Could not confirm scanner connection"
> If I open the door of the scanner, I can see that the white light inside is
> working okay, but that's all. The green light will still not come on.
> I tried restarting the Mac, trying different USB sockets, and finally
> reinstalling the drivers, but nothing works. I also tried to feed it the neg
> carrier, just guiding it in as far as the arrow like normal, but it won't
> take it. The manual mentions a similar fault to this in the troubleshooting
> section, but the remedy (restarting) does not work. Weird, and very
> annoying.
> Anybody else have this problem, or do I have a lemon?
> I need to know as soon as possible please, so that I can take it back to the
> store for an exchange for one that works, as soon as possible next week. I'm
> really dreading this though, because I bought it here in Rome, Italy, and
> the Italians are really shitty about exchanging goods, and I don't speak
> good Italian. There's no customer-protection laws like there are in England
> or the States and Italian storekeepers make no attempt to please the
> customer.
> Thanks,
> Adam


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