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Re: filmscanners: new Minolta Scan Dual II not working after one day.

On Sun, 01 Apr 2001 03:04:06 +0200  Rome (adnixon@tin.it) wrote:

> Next day I spent the morning setting up ColorSync profiles on my Mac for
> Photoshop and my monitor, then plugged the Minolta in again to do some more
> scanning with ColorSync now in operation - But now the little green light on
> the front won't come on, and when I fire up the Minolta driver utility on
> its own, or from within Photoshop, or use the Easyscan utility, all I get is
> an error message saying:

It seems pretty unlikely it's a fault with the scanner if the failure followed 
on directly from changes you made to the system. Unfortunately, I know little 
about Macs except that when you hit these sorts of problems they can be 
irascible. Have you tried removing all the Colorsync stuff you installed, and 
reverting the system to how it was when the scanner worked? Perhaps Colorsync 
needed to see the scanner during the install, and as it didn't, is now 
obstructing things somehow?

Do RTFM and check there aren't transit screws or packaging which you should 
have removed.

I'd also suggest you buy a USB hub (cheap) and leave the scanner permanently 
connected if possible. Fewer variables = less to go wrong.


Tony Sleep
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