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Re: filmscanners: new Minolta Scan Dual II not working after oneday.

I'm not sure whether you already it this way, but here is what works on my

I have it plugged into one of my keyboard's USB sockets, with the mouse
plugged into the other one.  I never disconnect it.

I wake up the G4, then turn on the Scan Dual, which must have the door
completely closed at this point.

I activate the Minolta SD software.

Then I open the door to the narrow open position, and insert a loaded
negative (or slide) holder.

I can then hit the index scan button and it starts the process.

This has never failed for me.

I did not like the EasyScan alternative, but I can't remember why.
Something did not seem to work correctly.  So I always use the regular
driver software.

(However, I am sending my scanner to Minolta because of a "tram line", a
narrow cyan band running the width of the scan.  This problem started after
I had done maybe 20 or so scans.  I guess it is a faulty CCD, but don't know
for sure yet.)

Good luck, and let me know if you have any other questions that I can share
my very limited experience on.



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