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filmscanners: nikon carrier flatness (again)

Dear Mikael:

Before you cite the Flextight, as an example of glassless perfect scans, I
suggest you check out Seybold Reports "Pixel Perfect 2" where they test
every high end scanner on the market, and the Imacon Flextight comes
*bottom* with the least sharp scans of the entire group...
(Seybold are the premier Publishing/Scanning/Printing assessors in the
Oh, and the scans were made by Imacon themselves in their offices..
They were simply not sharp!

(For what its worth, Scitex Eversmart Supreme was top, with Heidelberg Tango
drum scanners...) that is: glass mounted flatbed/ glass mounted drum... both
made beautiful scans with razor sharp detail.

I print images daily and use glass carriers. what is the problem?
If you send your slides to a scanning bureaux they will glass mount them on
their drum, and do hundreds every day... again - what is the problem?

Like I said before:
>I'm not critical of your findings - they are probably true, I just don't
>feel it is a total failure on the scanners part, when they give you a
>of carriers:

I simply don't feel you should expect to drop any old 35mm slide or a strip
of film into a glassless carrier and expect 100% sharp corner to corner
4000dpi scans...

Anyway this is getting tiresome to others I'm sure,
(and the rumour is halfway around the world by now that these scanners don't
Get the polaroid or a flat bed scanner if you don't like the idea of Nikon's
choice of carriers. It's your choice and your money. Good luck.


Please take a look at: http://www.imacon.dk    and  the scanner Flextight
Photo or Polaroid.
This film scanners have not the Nikons problem with film holders and curved
film and un sharp pictures. "

Mikael Risedal"


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