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Re: filmscanners: nikon carrier flatness (and again)

At least it isn't about flushing cached files! :(

At 08:48 PM 2/04/01 -0700, Paul wrote:
>I simply don't feel you should expect to drop any old 35mm slide or a 
>strip of film into a glassless carrier and expect 100% sharp corner to 
>corner 4000dpi scans...
Why not?! :)  As long as 'any old' means a typically bowed cardboard mount 
slide, I and many others have been doing exactly that on 2700dpi scanners 
for ages (in technology terms), and I gather others are already doing it on 
some 4000 dpi scanners like the Polaroid.  As in 'right now'. (Perhaps some 
4000 owners may wish to comment on how true that is.)  So, is it 
unreasonable to simply expect 'progress'?

It sounds like Nikon's progress is sideways :), but I'll be happy to wait 
and hear other opinions on this scanner.  Mikael, any chance of posting 
some sample scans (or crops!) showing the problem onto a website?  It's a 
lot to ask, but if you don't try..

For me, it's a simple choice - if a 4000 dpi scanner can't handle a 
'reasonably' curved slide, I'm not interested - it will be too much work.

>Anyway this is getting tiresome to others I'm sure,
>(and the rumour is halfway around the world by now that these scanners 
>don't work!)
Nobody has said that.  I have no love or hatred of Nikon, but this seems a 
very valid concern - perhaps not to your workflow, but it is to mine.  When 
I bite the bullet and upgrade, I want to know this stuff beforehand!

>Get the polaroid or a flat bed scanner if you don't like the idea of Nikon's
I agree that the Polaroid sounds great, but what affordable flatbed scanner 
will do my 35mm slides at 4000dpi?  (I know that's not what you meant, I'm 
just stirring!)

Anyway, I'm sure the reviews will begin to surface soon..

Regards, Mark T.


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