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Re: filmscanners: negative and skin tones

Mike:  Thanks for the color setting information for the skin tones, especially
as it related to the print.

For your other comment.  You hear about VS because many of us use it. Since I am
relatively new to scanning, what is the relevance of the scanning software to
the color balance of the scanner?  From what I have read in this forum, color
balance will vary from scanner make to scanner make and monitor to monitor.

I agree that many scanning programs allow you to adjust color balance, gamma,
etc.,  because they are pretty specific to the scanner make.  VS is not and is
not intended to replace photo manipulation software.  It if was, it would cost a
lot more than $40 US.  It is intended to give optimum scanner performance, which
it does.

I have never seen anyone who uses VS complain about the volume of traffic
related to Insight, etc.  Maybe because, with a little thought, the tips for one
set of software can often be applied to another set.

Please keep the tiips coming, they are useful.


Mikael Risedal wrote:

> To the scanner group.
> As a photographer Im "little bit tired "of reading  about  ( VueScan  nr
> xxxx ) and i hoped  to learn something from  other people in the group, who
> can be  more interesting and useful.
> Therefor i begin with a small tip:
> To some of you who all ready know it- come with a  another tip !
> Scanning negative film and skin tones are sometimes a tuff job. You have
> nothing to compare against,  (as with a slide.)
> Faces  and skin tones become often to red in printing,  A good rule is to
> measure the face skin tone in a CMYK profile known for printing purpose.
> (do it in Photoshop 5.0  6.0)
> If you make corrections and have
> C  about half of  magenta
> M  less then Yellow
> Y   more then magenta + 5-10 %
> K   -
> This figures give you a more natural skin tone in printing , and the red and
> ugly are goon.
> Another good rule  to know is that
> Grey in CMYK are about  C= 32  M=20 Y0=20
> You can  often estimate something in the picture who are grey.
> Mikael Risedal
> Photographer
> Lund
> Sweden
> _________________________________________________________________________
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