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filmscanners: negative and skin tones

To the scanner group.

As a photographer Im "little bit tired "of reading  about  ( VueScan  nr 
xxxx ) and i hoped  to learn something from  other people in the group, who 
can be  more interesting and useful.

Therefor i begin with a small tip:
To some of you who all ready know it- come with a  another tip !

Scanning negative film and skin tones are sometimes a tuff job. You have 
nothing to compare against,  (as with a slide.)
Faces  and skin tones become often to red in printing,  A good rule is to 
measure the face skin tone in a CMYK profile known for printing purpose.  
(do it in Photoshop 5.0  6.0)
If you make corrections and have
C  about half of  magenta
M  less then Yellow
Y   more then magenta + 5-10 %
K   -
This figures give you a more natural skin tone in printing , and the red and 
ugly are goon.

Another good rule  to know is that
Grey in CMYK are about  C= 32  M=20 Y0=20
You can  often estimate something in the picture who are grey.

Mikael Risedal

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