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RE: filmscanners: OT - Dicky returns to form..

Dicky writes ...

> A head in the sand approach is not untypical for an
> American, all you have
> to do is listen to George Wobbly Bush on global warming.
> ...
> Actually, and entirely off-topic, I might just suggest
> that the moderator chuck off this list every member of
> the USA'ish persuasion until such time as they learn the
> true meaning of the term "International Agreement".
> Fuck the USA and all in her, that's what I say.

        I have to admit being more than embarrassed my the country's
international policies sometimes ... but no more embarrassed than this
list including Mr Dicky as one of my film scanning peers.  I may have
little control over republical policies, but I hope my vote gets
counted again towards removing this jerk from the film scanner's list.

shAf  :o)
my apologies to the list for yet another off-topic post ...


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