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RE: filmscanners: Vuescan: "device RGB"

>8. All Kodak PhotoCD profiles exhibit very unusual gamut profiles, in 
>either L.a.b., Yxy, or XYZ space. The are all complex. The only thing 
>you can say is that they universally fit within Kodak ProPhotoRGB 
>space. I don't know why Ed would even consider these spaces - - 
>unless for PR reasons.

I recall a long time back he said he was deriving some part of his film type 
correction curves or matrix data from film type data from Kodak for PhotoCDs.

>9. If VS is using some sort of "space" which alters the RGB values, 
>and then doesn't "tag" the resulting image - you never know how much 
>distortion has been introduced from "real" values. The image comes to 
>you as untagged. If you apply a profile in VS, then the image should 
>come to you as "Tagged", and you should see that (ICC profile) in 
>Photoshop. Without this requirement, or data trail, you are in never 
>never land regarding the fidelity of the original image.

Vuescan has an option to tag files with the selected color space profile 
(except for Device RGB, which according to the help file "doesn't embed any ICC 
profile into the TIFF or JPEG files...").  The embedded profile is recognized 
by Photoshop (at least it is in my config).  ProPhoto RGB is one of the color 
spaces Vuescan offers for file output.  

Bob Shomler


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