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RE: filmscanners: Vuescan: "device RGB"

Tony writes ...

> The raw scan is in an unspecified device space,
> scanner RGB. Ed's transform, applied during the
> production of the Crop file, munges that against
> his characterisation and the result is a scan
> with altered data values within Vuescan's working
> space (which I previously said I thought was maybe
> sRGB, but as has been pointed out it ain't,
> it's Kodak's PCD space -
> ...

        That's more comforting.  For taking a raw scan, from any scanner, and
into the variety of color spaces Vuescan offers, I assume Ed is
assuming (1) a specific scanner may have the potential for delivering
a wide gamut of color ... (2) a transform from that gamut to any
internal color space can squash that gamut, and you'll never get it

        That being said, and altho I trust Ed, I know little about PCD RGB,
and there seems to be little available regarding comparisons with the
common working spaces (if comparisons can be made ... some of what
I've found would imply apples and oranges).  I will assume, until I
realize otherwise, VS's internal space is sufficient for 1 & 2.

shAf  :o)


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