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Re: filmscanners: Color Calibration

I use a Minolta colour temp meter with gels but only when Im using a
tripod and  H/blad or Monorail
Its a reasonable way foreword and far more noticeable when using Tranny.
Fuji 400 is my choice for mixed lighting,scans well and is very
tweakable in the darkroom.

If you are working quickly its almost impossible to use gels unless
you've used the location before.
The drawback to any on camera colour correction though is that in mixed
lighting you can only correct for  one source.
Ive shot jobs in tungsten light using tungsten film and half a dozen
Metz 60 flashguns with orange and red filters on as fill ins and
highlighters,works a treat  !

Michael Wilkinson. 106 Holyhead Road,Ketley, Telford.Shropshire TF 15 DJ
  michael@infocus-photography.co.uk      www.infocus-photography.co.uk
For Trannies and Negs from Digital Files    01952 618986

----- Original Message -----
From: "Tony Sleep" <TonySleep@halftone.co.uk>
: Ah, no. For two reasons. First that simple red/blue meters like the
: Sixticolor are fairly useless IME - OK it tells you the Mired shift,
but seems
: unduly influenced by scene colour. I had so many anomalous results
with them (I
: have 2, and of course both read slightly different anyhow, like
: meters:) that I found guessing was more accurate. 3-channel RGB
devices like
: the Minolta are too expensive for me to have ever owned one, but
hopefully work
: better.
: The second reason is what do you do about correction? With 35mm you
are limited
: to 81, 82 series etc, unless you are going to faff around with CC gels
in a
: holder. This just isn't practical for most of the shooting I do, there
: neither the time nor the static situation to permit it - gels have got
: to trash in seconds when I have used them.


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