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Re: filmscanners: Canon FS2710 vs Minolta Dimage Scan Dual II

I've always looked on refurbs as the best of both worlds... one hand is the
lower price, the other is that the unit has already failed in the field (or
been returned for whatever reason) and the factory has had to not only fix it
but make sure it passes even more rigorous tests than the new units coming off
the line, so it's less prone to fail... the one time I had a problem with a
factory refurb was a Mitsubishi monitor, the red gun failed, and they sent me a
brand new latest and greatest model since they no longer made the one I had
bought... not a bad deal...

Mike M.

Lynn Allen wrote:

> Jim wrote--
> > Customers return things for a variety of reasons, sometimes with nothing
> at all wrong with them.
> > Do you know the day of the year that always has the largest number of
> large screen TV returns? The day after the Superbowl...
> :-)
> This probably speaks "volumes" about customer prefs, and why "refurbs" are
> not always such a bad deal, so long as there's at least a minimal guarantee
> attached.
> Still, they also come with an implied "Caveat Emptor" attached, just like a
> used car does.
> Best regards--LRA
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