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Re: filmscanners: Color Calibration

On Tue, 27 Mar 2001 22:18:41 +0100  Michael Wilkinson 
(michael@infocus-photography.co.uk) wrote:

> Do any of you use a colour temperature meter when shooting interiors ?

Ah, no. For two reasons. First that simple red/blue meters like the Gossen 
Sixticolor are fairly useless IME - OK it tells you the Mired shift, but seems 
unduly influenced by scene colour. I had so many anomalous results with them (I 
have 2, and of course both read slightly different anyhow, like exposure 
meters:) that I found guessing was more accurate. 3-channel RGB devices like 
the Minolta are too expensive for me to have ever owned one, but hopefully work 

The second reason is what do you do about correction? With 35mm you are limited 
to 81, 82 series etc, unless you are going to faff around with CC gels in a 
holder. This just isn't practical for most of the shooting I do, there is 
neither the time nor the static situation to permit it - gels have got reduced 
to trash in seconds when I have used them. 

Incidentally, glass filters seem to be extremely variable between makes, no two 
manufacturers make an 81a which is anything like anyone else's. Warm-balanced 
film like E100SW seems to work better than 81 series do, unless it's very blue 

It's a major reason why I like colour neg:)


Tony Sleep
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