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Re: filmscanners: Canon FS2710 vs Minolta Dimage Scan Dual II


Ii wouldn't worry about the refurb. units. Customers return things for a
variety of reasons, sometimes with nothing at all wrong with them. The
returned units can no longer be sold as new and must be checked out and
"refurbished" to be sold again.

My Minolta Scan Dual I came from uBid and was a refurb. Other than the
stickers on the box and paperwork inside, I couldn't tell it from mew.
It works as new also.

I've purchased a lot of this type of merchandise over the years with
excellent luck. I always figured it this way -  at least the refurb.
unit was looked at and tested by a technician before it was shipped out.

Do you know the day of the year that always has the largest number of
large screen TV returns? The day after the Superbowl...


Arthur Entlich wrote:
> I'd also be interested in replies to this.  I noticed two things of
> interest in regard to the Minolta Dimage Dual Scan II.  One, here in
> Canada, its backordered for up to two months due to demand.
> 2) I saw a bunch of refurbed units for same recently on "ubid", which
> worried me, being that this model has only come out perhaps 6 months
> ago, if that.
> Art


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