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Re: filmscanners: Color Calibration

I respect your viewpoint and I was in the same position when we had a
closed loop system which meant that we shot,scanned and output back to
film in house.
However when you are supplying digital files to someone else and they
don't want or can not check what you give them then they have to be
certain that you are giving them a recognised standard !
The only way you can achieve that is to carefully profile your monitor.
How you do this is up to you.
It is becoming increasingly evident that those people who make their
living from supplying digital image files are going to have to ensure
that they do so to a recognised standard.
We are aware that there are in reality very few scenes which have
naturally occurring white grey and black in their pure form so how can
you ensure an images accurate colour rendition by numbers  in a software
like Photoshop if you don't have a reference ?
If however you have a monitor which is calibrated correctly and your
viewing conditions are ideal and constant you are at least in with a
chance of ensuring a colour balance which,just like a print in the
darkroom,looks right.
If you think I am wrong I would respectfully suggest you have a  look at
the various Pro forums and magazines which are regularly discussing this
very topic and are formulating what is hoped to be a world wide industry
Even Adobe advise calibrating a monitor with and external calibration
I am aware that there are monitors made by companies such as Barco which
have the hardware built in and I believe they start at  around 5000.

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From: "Maris V. Lidaka, Sr." <mlidaka@ameritech.net>
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: No, you're not going to *have* to buy one.  You can fly without
: gears.  What I see is what I get and all I did to get was calibrate
: monitor and watch the numbers and pick the right printer profile from
: several stock.


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