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Re: filmscanners: Windows XP, the good, the bad, the ugh!

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> At 19:56 27-03-01 -0800, you wrote:
> >Windows XP is getting the best overall reviews I've seen since Win 95,
> >which might be a bad omen ;-)
> >
> >Seems it has cleaned itself up quite a bit, while basically stealing a
> >of look and feel from the Mac OS.  I believe it is based upon WIN 2000. I
> >also understand one big problem is that it requires registration on line,
> >and that it "records" which computer it has been placed on. There is a
> >problem if you change motherboards or other major components because the
> >registration process is designed to prevent the OS from being installed
> >numerous computers.  You then have to go to Microsoft, hat in hand, and
> >ask for permission to reinstall on a "revamped" system.

I suspect you will have to go to Microsoft web site and unregister it from
your PC first.  MS has this same type of scheme with Windows 2000 Terminal
Server desktop licenses.
I heard they were doing away with it because it is a real pain in the neck.
Hopefully it won't materialize with XP.


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