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Re: filmscanners: Grain in Color negative Film

Having had a number of conversations with both Kodak and Fuji about 
these programs (such as Q-Lab and Fuji Authorized or equivalent), a few 
issues should be considered:

1) These programs are optional and cost extra to be in, and are mainly 
for E-6 processing (although test strips are available for C-41, I don't 
believe any of the manufacturers offer to read them)
2) The test strips for these programs are not done daily, in fact, 
usually they are once a week (again, the lab may well be running test 
strips several times a day (in fact should be doing so, and reading 
them), but those don't go to the manufacturers)
3) The test results are evaluated and reported back usually a week or so 
after they are shipped to the manufacturer, meaning the info can be 
several weeks old, and hundreds or thousands of roll later, by the time 
the lab get the report.
4) The companies admitted to me it takes quite a few considerably off 
strips before they will blow the whistle on a lab, and the whistle 
consists of removal of the use of their authorized logo.  (they usually 
return the privilege to use them as soon as the lab is back in "control")
5) These controls test for chemical issues but do nothing in regard to 
handling problems like finger prints, scratches, bad mounting, etc.
6) One of the major considerations for an "Authorized Professional Lab" 
designation is that they can develop 4 x 5 film, regardless of what it 
ends up looking like.


Roman Kielich wrote:

> At 09:08 25/03/2001 -0700, you wrote:
>> Roman: I agree with you and respect your obvious expertise... the key 
>> words you
>> have written are "tweak the process" and follow the manufacturer's
>> recommendations... which most mini-labs with part time teenage help 
>> are less likely
>> to do that a pro lab... not mention cleanliness of the processor..
>> Mike M.
> the only thing required these days is to put the test strip through, 
> then measure and send the results to supplier. Kodak, Agfa, Fuji offer 
> service to the customers (quality control). Teenagers are no more 
> hassled by high-tech equipment. Profi labs can use similar systems (Q 
> from Kodak). BTW, more often than not, good running process "requires" 
> quality plots to be outside the limits. I'm not joking. The end product 
> is a print or slide, not a test strip. The test strips are made of one 
> type (usually ISO100), while  the process has to cater for the whole a 
> lot. As long as the customers are happy, just keep it constant.


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