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Re: filmscanners:OT:Epson papers

At Comdex, Epson provided me with a swatch book containing a number of 
new papers for "Epson archival Ink".  There are 16 in the book, and none 
are those usual clay coated mat papers for general use.  There are 6 
glossy photo papers (some semigloss and luster surfaced), there are 4 
Crane made art papers of 225g or 425g weight, there are 3 
synthetic/plastic (2 with adhesive backings), a watercolor paper, and 
two heavyweighted mat surfaced papers.  They range in size from letter 
size to rolls  up to 44" wide., and are referred to as the Epson 
Professional Media.  They have very generic packaging, no images on the 
front, just white with simple Epson block lettering.

Obviously, Epson has come to recognize a few things.  One, there is 
money to be made in media (maybe more than in printers!), two, Epson 
printers look best with Epson designed papers, and three, Epson clients 
wanted more than 8.5 x 11" prints on 3 paper surfaces.  Many of these 
papers were originally introduced due to Epson entering the wide 
carriage market, but they are also offering these papers in letter, 12 x 
17", 13 x 19" and 13 x 33" sheets.  Also 8.3" and 13" wide rolls of 
photo paper, so we can make panoramas!

All I can say is, it's about time!  Warning: that 425g Crane Art paper 
isn't going to fit through most current Epson models, but it sure has a 
nice feel to it.


As a quick aside, I have been testing several HP compatible roll stock 
papers on my Epsons.  The glossy and semi-gloss are a disaster.

Dave King wrote:

> Epson Premium Quality Photo Paper.  The quality with Epson oem dye
> inks is quite amazing with adequate profiles.  And it's widely
> available.  But you want to be sure to get the 3rd iteration.
> Dave


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