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Re: filmscanners: Neg film for scanning

Yes, Alan, 3M did have a plant in Italy for some time.

I don't know what is going on in the European markets these days, as I 
haven't lived there in 20 odd years now.  I imagine someone else who is 
there now might know, however.


Alan Tyson wrote:

> I have in my hand a Tesco (leading UK supermarket chain)
> pack of 8x36 400ASA neg films, which cost me 12 ukpounds.
> This is 30% of the cost of Kodak Supra 400, which, I've been
> tempted to try because of its anti-scratch coating. I get
> lots of random scratch trouble from several different labs.
> The Tesco pack says on it "Produced in the E.U. and packed
> in the UK". I think this means it was made in one of a
> handful of plants in the EU. Do I remember correctly that 3M
> had a plant in Italy? Who owns it now? It is the 'Ferrania'
> plant I remember from my youth? Then there are the E.German
> plants ('Orwo' many years ago). Do they still exist? Has
> Konica got a European manufacturing base?
> Any info gratefully received.
> Alan T


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