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Re: filmscanners: Neg film for scanning

Unless they have stopped doing it, Ferannia and Agfa have supplied a lot of the 'house-brand' films.

At 07:59 PM 03/24/2001 -0800, you wrote:
Mike is right.  There are no "supermarket" brands.  3M/Scotch used to be a main supplier of these no-brand films, but I think they left that biz.  So most, if not all North American supermarket brands are either rebranded Fuji or Konica/Sakura, both of which are decent films, and even Kodak supplies some unbranded films now.  Unless the printing is in something like Russian or Iraqi, the odds of the film being anything other than the 3 mentioned above, are close to nil.

Look to the processor if you find quality control problems.

(Off Topic) Art

Michael Moore wrote:

Alan.... Many of the so called generic or "supermarket brand" are made
by major manufacturers (konica, etc.) It sounds to me like your
scratches and muck problem is a Laboratory problem, not a film
problem... try to find a good custom lab where they use a dip and dunk
processor as opposed to a roller transport processor... the difference
is that with dip and dunk, the film is hung from a hanger and weighted
so it can be dipped into and out of the process chemistry without any
thing such as rollers touching it... roller transports are ok if they
are meticulously cared for (which most consumer labs don't) but they
still have their problems... a professionally run dip and dunk line is
absolutely the best way to process your negs... you should see a huge
difference in the scratches and muck problem.
Mike M.


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