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Re: filmscanners: OT: "class" action storage

jimhayes wrote:

>  There are restrictions on my $200 rebate: 1) The coupon is only good towards 
> purchase of a Phillips, Magnavox, or Norelco product, 2) Even then it can 
>only be
> applied towards 80% max of purchase price, 3) A maximum of two products can 
>be applied
> towards the rebate.
> This is better than a poke in the eye- I can buy a Phillips TV for $250 and 
>get $200
> refunded. But I'm not a TV fan.
> My point is that I didn't wish to repeat my mistake a third time. How can I 
> recomend buying a Phillips recorder again? Why not just get a Yamaha, or as 
>some have
> had good exprience with it, a Plexor? Of course, no recorder will last 
>forever. I
> suspect my Yamaha will pull longer for me though.
> I heartily agree that the environment that the reorder is in wrt SCSI, length 
>of cables,
> termination, matters a heck of a lot- even more than brand. No arguement 
>there. Also
> different manufacturers recomend different brands of CD-R(W) over others. 
> Yamaha shys away from recomending gold disks if you ask them, although I have 
>had no
> trouble with Mitsui golds.
> Anyone know what else Phillips makes besides TV's and CDR's that would be 
> Maybe I should replace my stereo?<g>

Although we're all OT, thanks for the info about this settlement.  The 
news I read reported it differently.  Didn't know the amount, the 20% 
payment required, and the manufacturer restrictions.

Phillips makes CD players (portable and component), probably music CD 
recorders, I'd imagine they brand DVD machines.  Norelco makes pretty 
good shavers.  I've had mine over 30 years and it's never needed any 
parts.  Did need a good cleaning a few times... then again, I've had 
some type of beard for 30 years too ;-)

As I'm sure you know Phillips owns all the companies you mentioned.  I'm 
sure they don't make half the things they brand, and they probably make 
half the stuff branded by other companies. ;-)



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