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Re: filmscanners: storage

I'm really not "complaining" about the Phillips recorder. I did get use out of 
it. I
made a much bigger mistake previously- I bought a  2x HP unit back when 
Recorders cost
$1000 (yes it had a Phillips core) and it trashed within 1 1/2 years. It had to 
replaced twice under warranty. Lot's of coasters. I got no rebate then. My 
recorder from Phillips cost about $360 I think, so at least I got something 
back this
time. But after two underwhelming go's at a "Phillips made" recorder, I'm not 
going to
repeat the mistake.

The problem that the second recorders were exihibiting was that as they 
continued to be
used, their capacity decreased, i.e, suddenly they couldn't handle over 550 mb, 
500mb, etc

 There are restrictions on my $200 rebate: 1) The coupon is only good towards 
purchase of a Phillips, Magnavox, or Norelco product, 2) Even then it can only 
applied towards 80% max of purchase price, 3) A maximum of two products can be 
towards the rebate.

This is better than a poke in the eye- I can buy a Phillips TV for $250 and get 
refunded. But I'm not a TV fan.

My point is that I didn't wish to repeat my mistake a third time. How can I 
recomend buying a Phillips recorder again? Why not just get a Yamaha, or as 
some have
had good exprience with it, a Plexor? Of course, no recorder will last forever. 
suspect my Yamaha will pull longer for me though.

I heartily agree that the environment that the reorder is in wrt SCSI, length 
of cables,
termination, matters a heck of a lot- even more than brand. No arguement there. 
different manufacturers recomend different brands of CD-R(W) over others. 
Yamaha shys away from recomending gold disks if you ask them, although I have 
had no
trouble with Mitsui golds.

Anyone know what else Phillips makes besides TV's and CDR's that would be 
Maybe I should replace my stereo?<g>

Arthur Entlich wrote:

> jimhayes wrote:
> > Yamaha. Don't get a Phillips or an HP. I just got a settlement from a class 
> > suit against Phillips CD recorder.
> Seems to me he SHOULD buy a Phillips... after all, it's not every day
> you get money back to buy a new product that is several generations
> ahead of the earlier product.  The reason you got that money is because
> Phillips misrepresented the storage capacity of the drive, and
> unfortunately for them, they sold one to a lawyer with some time on his
> hands.  Since HP used the Phillips unit in their computers, people
> owning those computers also got a settlement.
> So don't complain, you got use of the original drive way back when CD-R
> was young, then you got cash to buy a brand new drive today. Most of us
> just have to junk the junk.
> Art

Jim Hayes

Pixelography: The marriage of silicon and silver.
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