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Re: filmscanners: storage

Thanks form the reply... My HP will burn at 10x, but I use it at 2x 'cuz I read
somewhere that will give me less problems when I distribute the CD to my
I am about to hook up another PC with my image box to improve workflow,
particularly as regard to using one only for scans and burns, the other for 
work on the images... Any suggestions in that regard?

Mike M.

Larry Berman wrote:

> When I was using the HP burner, I think I was burning 2x. It took about 36
> minutes for a full CD of images. When I started using the Plextor, I left
> it set to the default which now did the same thing in under 8 minutes. I
> haven't paid too much detail to the settings on the Plextor. Since it's
> gotten such a high rating in PC Magazine I felt I could trust it. I've
> probably burned about 300 CD's flawlessly since purchasing it in September.
> My investment of $239 (from Buy.com) has saved me countless hours of work.
> I make duplicate copies for my partner of all the work files that go into
> the web site images for our clients.
> Also, it's important to note that having two computers networked minimizes
> the amount of wasted time while burning CD's.
> Larry
> >In regard tp speed of the burn, it is my understanding that it is best to
> >use a
> >slow burn speed (2x) as opposed to the higher speeds if one wants to minimize
> >potential read errors on client's computers...any comments?
> >Mike Moore
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