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filmscanners: Beginner question - Great answers

Thank you guys for your insights on my problem.
I've been quietly lurking and waiting for your answers and your thoughts 
were priceless.
Both the answers at the list and those that came off-list were of great 
help for my search.

As for the problem:
The scanning for the 1st issue was made by another company.
We spent about 250 USD and were not satisfied.
They seem to put on automatic and just let it go.

As for the answer, let me give you my conclusions:
1 - I have to buy a film scanner :-) (Guess you already knew that, hu?)
2 - Since I also own the company I guess I'll have to fire myself if my 
decision is wrong. ;-)

We have a small family company and we can't afford people that make wrong 
decisions. :-)

The portuguese market gives me some options at this time.

- Minolta Dual II (retails for  500 USD);
- Nikon LS30 (retails for 1,000 USD)
- Kodak RFS 3600 (retails for 1,200 USD)
- Nikon LS2000 (retails for 1,300 USD)

Since we invested a lot of money in this magazine, I thought it would 
probably be a good deal (within an almost invisible budget) to buy the 
Minolta *with* VueScan (what's 40 USD when you've spent 10 times as much 
for the scanner?)

It seems the Minolta as a 2800 dpi resolution and revues seem to be good.
What say ye?
Is this an acceptable choice?


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