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Re: filmscanners: storage and networking

Hi Mike,

I use my newest "A" (currently a 550) for Photoshop and scanning. It has 
dual monitors off a Matrox G400 graphics card. My older "B" is a 266 and I 
use it as an Internet machine, leaving it on for e-mail and browsing mostly 
all the time. Both have CD burners. I have both in a NetGear network which 
also includes my laptop. I'm currently working in Orlando at my Fathers 
house for the winter and will be leaving the 266 here for him. I'll 
probably be getting the latest fast new computer in late March when I 
return home.

Two tips.
I use ACDSee as an image management / viewing program. It's viewing 
capabilities are beyond compare. We're currently preparing an article on it 
for PEI Magazine. I keep it running on my second computer when working in 
Photoshop or my web design program. It's easy to drag and drop images into 
other programs.

ICS (Internet connection sharing) is relatively difficult to attain and 
even more difficult to maintain. I was able to use it for about three 
months before it disappeared one day, never to be seen again. Instead I use 
a second phone line and second ISP for those times I need to publish from 
the A Computer.

When I get closer to the end of March, I'll probably be asking for advice 
from the forum on purchasing a new computer for graphics.


>Thanks form the reply... My HP will burn at 10x, but I use it at 2x 'cuz I 
>somewhere that will give me less problems when I distribute the CD to my
>I am about to hook up another PC with my image box to improve workflow,
>particularly as regard to using one only for scans and burns, the other 
>for PShop
>work on the images... Any suggestions in that regard?
>Mike M.

Larry Berman

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