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Enoch's Vision, Inc. (Cary Enoch R...) wrote:

> Let's not forget the corollary to that expression is "with Nikon you don't 
>get what you
> pay for." By that I mean customer support. I learned that unhappy lesson with 
>my first
> film scanner, a Nikon LS1000 when I encountered nothing but arrogance, 
>stalling, and
> ignorance from Nikon "support." It's quite the opposite with Polaroid and 
>probably would
> be with Canon also.
> Naturally I'll be looking forward to evaluations of the Canon unit by Ed and 
>Tony but I'm
> quite sure that I'd never buy from Nikon again.

This is exactly where lists such as this come into their greatest value, 
IMHO.  Nikon charges a good deal for their name.  Why?  Because, for 
many years, they built upon the value they offered consumers.  As their 
products proved to be good quality, and the company provided appropriate 
customer support, they developed a deserved place in their market niche. 
  Soon, consumers made assumptions that the Nikon name was worth paying 
more for, because it automatically provided higher quality, better 
design, and better customer support.

However, somewhere along the line, Nikon began resting on its laurels. 
In my case, I noticed this about 5 years ago with a camera body.  Groups 
such as this allow people like myself, or yourself, to express not only 
our opinions, but our experiences, which can help to direct others away 
from or towards certain manufacturers or products, regardless of the 
brand name or the pricing point.

Just think how please people who were getting ready to buy the Canon FS 
2700 would have been had they been warned of the problems with this 
model.  There is a huge difference in the Canon FS-2710 and the earlier 
FS-2700, although both were branded with the same company and cost 
similar amounts.

So, people's personal experiences are very valuable in detecting early 
problems which might not be obvious by price or brand.



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