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Re: filmscanners: Re: Scanning problems

>From: "Cooke, Julie" <CookeJ@logica.com>
>I've just had my 6x7 trannies scanned by a lab specialising in digital.
>I explained that jpeg was a lossy compression, that information had been
>lost when converting to jpeg and it was no good to me. He looked at me as 
>I was mad and said that he uses jpeg for all his customers to get more
>images on the CD.

Whether you can see any difference between this particular JPEG and a TIFF 
or not I would definitely not go back to this lab.  For a lab that 
specializes in digital not even to know that JPEG is a lossy format and 
needed you to explain it to them tells me that they don't really know much 
about digital.  Since this is such a basic piece of information it seems 
extremely likely that they don't know other important things.
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