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filmscanners: Leaving the List for a While

To Tony Sleep and all List subscribers who have been of so much help to me
over the last month:

I turned to your List for help in selecting scanners and ultimately
printers, as well, for my all new "from the ground up" MacIntosh system.  I
learned an amazing amount from you all on many topics and I have saved those
messages that pertained to my situation.

For those of you who recall my earlier post, I have decided on:
MacIntosh G-4, dual processor 533Htz, 512 SDRAM, 40 gig hard disk, built-in
CD-R/W, built in 56 kps modem, etc. (either OS 9.01 or OS "X").
Diamondtron monitor, 19".
Microtek ScanMaker X12USL flatbed scanner with an MTMA attachment.
Polaroid SS4000 35mm film scanner with SilverFast software.
PhotoShop, latest version.
 Standard color printer, probably an Epson, for non-protographic printing
(correspondence, spread sheets, databases, etc.
 Epson 1160 printer with Cone Editions Press non-OEM Piezography BW
Quadtone Inkset and related software, including cusom made profiles for B&W

Color printing will have to be for another day.

The new Macs are out at the end of March 2001.  The new dual processor
versions are built per order only.

Many of the other activities in my life are demanding my attention, such as
a week's skiing in Colorado, new construction on our garden railroad and
continuing construction on the small scale indoor railroad, trips,
conventions, planning & taking our 2 month trip through the US and eastern
Canada (starting June 1), etc.

Except for purchasing the Epson 1160 printer and the Cone Quadtone setup now
(before 1160s become impossible to buy), I will wait on acquiring the rest
of the setup until after our return in August.  There is no time left to me
to even set up the system before then.

I probably will be back to your list in 6 months or so when I finally get a
chance to get into serious printing, even if it will be only B&W initially.

Ed, your Vuescan sounds great!  I have elected not to use it for the sort of
thing I have in mind - besides I don't have the digital knowledge or the
time to be of any help to your ongoing devlopment of it.  I wish you
continuing good luck with it!

Again, my thanks to all of you who have been so helpful, including those who
have contacted me off-List!  Tony, thank you for sponsoring the List.  Your
doing so makes a lot of difference!

Hart Corbett


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