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Re: filmscanners: Re: selling digital images

Hi Paul,

I've been actively involved with all three methods of selling my 
photography. I've been selling my photographs at art shows for about 25 
years. I regularly sell my photography from my web site averaging about two 
or three sales a month, mostly to my art show viewers. I shot stock and was 
represented by Image Bank for about twenty years, up until about 6 years 
ago. If you have any specific questions I would suggest contacting me off 
the forum. Maybe create a list of questions and e-mail me, or telephone me 
and, depending on my schedule, I can probably give you a few minutes or so. 
You can get my phone number from any of my web sites.

One thing you should know up front is that there is no easy way to make 
money selling your work. It takes a major commitment in time and energy.


   I would be interested to know about some of
>the list members experiences in selling their photos.
>1. Selling via a website
>2. Street fairs
>3. Stock photography

Larry Berman

Web Sites for Artists: http://BermanGraphics.com
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Graphics Programs: http://ImageCompress.com
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