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Re: filmscanners: VueScan 6.5 Available

>  I see that Ed has a number of milestones, they are pointed with
>  a major version. Minors are merely service packs where some new
>  options also may be added for burn-in testing. Quite fast and
>  healthy, though we cannot feel completely safe with an every
>  new version.

Yes, one side effect of the process I use is that occasionally
I introduce bugs into new versions.  However, I also have
strong incentives to fix these new bugs within a day or two.

I think that people who have been downloading each new
minor version can attest to the fact that VueScan gets
better quite quicky.

>  It would be nice to have some stable, relatively bug-free versions
>  which may be less featured, but can be used safely by those who just
>  doesn't want to risk.
>  Old good 'beta and GA release' paradigm.

The problem with this old style of development is that progress
tends to be quite slow, on the order of months or years.  When
is Nikon going to fix the jaggies problem <smile>.

>  By the way, 'Restore colors' works really nice with my
>  15-years old slides!

I'm quite proud of this new feature actually (patting himself
on the back <smile>).

Ed Hamrick


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