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filmscanners: Re: Profiling

Rob Geraghty asked:
>Was the Stylus 600 720x720dpi or 1440x720?  On Epson Photo
>paper you'd probably see a lot less banding and dithering.

It is a 1440x720 printer, and to my eye produces a fine looking picture on 
photo paper. The only banding on the print needs very close examination to make 
it visible. I would like to see the results off a newer model though - just a 
matter of finding someone with one who I could take one of my files to! The 
samples in the shop don't mean much, behind their laminating.

Where the printer (or the inkjet system) falls down looks to be the tones just 
above black. The transition from them to black doesn't look well done on some 
prints. Crashes to black suddenly is how I would describe it. 

Thanks for the comment about the models with the same print head, by the way.

Colin Maddock


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