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Re: filmscanners: Re: computers, scanners

Paul wrote:
[snipped stuff about Macs which I can't comment on]
> I would also like to know more about filmscanners.  Of the ones I've
> considered, the new Nikon Coolscan IV ED USB filmscanner is my favorite.
> However, at $895.00, the price is a bit high for a photo hobbyist.
[snip] How good is digital ICE at preventing this?  Is it worth paying extra

I have an LS30, and ICE or Vuescan's cleaning filter are *very* useful in
reducing or eliminating time wasted spotting scans.  Yes, it's worth paying
for.  Another scanner you could look at is the new Acer scanwit, which
has ICE but is much cheaper than the Nikon.  Of course it isn't 4000dpi
and doesn't have Nikon optics... :)

> I've also been thinking about Kodak Photo CDs as an alternate to buying my
> own scanner.  There are two kinds, a consumer grade and professional grade
> photo CD, with the professional grade including a higher resolution scan.

When I asked about the Pro Photo CDs I was told they could only make them
from larger format films than 35mm.  This may not be true elsewhere.

> Would the highest resolution scan on the consumer grade photo CD be
> good enough to produce a high quality print as large as 11x13"

I think so, yes, but define "high quality". :)

> How would the quality of Kodak's scans compare with those I could do
> myself if I bought the Nikon Coolscan IV ED?

Define "quality".  The Nikon IV ED is 4000dpi which is higher resolution
than a standard Photo CD.  There may be other reasons why you might
get better or worse results - such as the skill of the operator, or being
able to tune the scan to what *you* want rather than what the Photo CD
operator thinks is right.  So it could go either way depending on how
good the Photo CD operator is, or how good you are at using your
own scanner.

At the moment I don't think anyone here can comment on exactly what
sort of quality the Nikon can produce since I don't think anyone has
got their hand on one yet!



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