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Re: VueScan Brightness (was:Re: filmscanners: Provia 400F - Actually a pretty fine film! It scans well too)

Certainly, you are right and I agree with you completely. I just wonder
why Ed used such a default, which (perhaps just for me, my slides and
my LS-30) is actually not a default setting which I would use most of the

Of course, I can use my own settings with my own vuescan.ini file, I
appreciate great VueScan flexibility and don't want to get just
another scanning P&S I have no control of.

But: Ed had some reasons for using this default, so '1' may stand for
hypothetic 18% gray card or something like.

Brightness setting is one of the few VueScan features which are very
opaque for me.

For old settings I may somehow imagine the possible workflow - raw
scan was gamma corrected with Contrast value and then moved up to
match required Brightness.

For new one I just cannot imagine the way bits go. Of course, this is
Ed' intellectual property and I am satisfied with the explanation that
'shadows get more brightness than lights, thus colors are not washed

-- Alex

FP> I don't worry about having to set the value to 1.3 or 1.4 (or 0.9 for that
FP> matter) on a slide that seems properly exposed. It's easy and fast enough to
FP> do. What is bothersome is sometimes getting a slide that requires 2.5 to 3.0
FP> that seems properly exposed, but by the time you get out that far, the
FP> levels are all screwed up. That happens to me once in a while, and when it
FP> does I turn to the scanner manufacturer's software and that seems to do
FP> better. Different software seems to handle different problems better or
FP> worse.

FP> Frank Paris
FP> marshalt@spiritone.com
FP> http://albums.photopoint.com/j/AlbumList?u=62684


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