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filmscanners: Re: Profiling

Hersch wrote:
>The one thing I'm especialy hesitant about is the matter of profiling all 
>elements of my system. Reading all the traffic here and on the Epson 
>Digest, that sounds like an unending headache, especially for the retiree 
>hobbyist with limited funds.

I'm in a similar position, although not retired yet. Get along quite well 
without profiling the gear, by my standards anyway. Use PS on a PC,  a Canon 
FS2710, and a Epson Stylus 600 (yes, the printer is old, I admit) One gets a 
feeling for the colour peculiarities of  the scanner and printer after a while, 
maybe holding a sort of "profile" in the head. Certain corrections are always 
applied to every scan regardless to get them into the ballpark.

I have adjusted my monitor internally to make its grey scale as neutral as 
possible, then applied Adobe Gamma, which didn't alter it to any great degree. 
Having the monitor right is reassuring, perhaps that is a result of my working 
in the TV industry.  PS colour space is Adobe RGB, that is the general 
recommendation, it seems. After the editing for a good result on the screen, 
preparation for printing usually means removing a little red, and increasing 
the saturation, then away we go.

Thinks. What is it with red? The scanner (with negs) puts in too much, and the 
printer tends to too. 

So that is what I do.

The 760 printer is mentioned favourably here at present. Would I notice a big 

Colin Maddock


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