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[filmscanners] RE: Epson Perfection V750-M Pro Scanner,

Win 7 is what Vista was suppose to be and should have been unless they screw
it up between now and its public release in Oct. 2009.  As I noted before,
there are no 64 bit twain drivers and never have been any.  So scanners
typically could not be used with the 64 bit OSs unless the maker supplied a
proprietary driver which would allow the scanner to work with the bundled
scanner software but would not permit one to scan from within third party
applications like Photoshop as a Twain driver would.

The driver issue with Windows x64 and Vista 64 was and is different from the
ASPI layer problem which allowed the OSs to recognized the actual physical
device with SCSI based devices.  Here the problem was a short feud between
Microsoft and Adaptec where Microsoft stopped including the Adaptec ASPI
layer (which Adaptec developed and owned) in the Windows OSs.  During this
brief feud, Microsoft attempted to develop their ow2n version of the ASPI
layer; but most SCSI scanners would not recognize it or support it; hence
people needed to download from Adaptec the ASPI layer software code and
install it in the Windows OSs.  Later, the feud ended and Microsoft again
supported the Adaptec ASPI layer code.

However, by then scanners were dropping the SCSI connection and turning to
USB; and Microsoft began developing its own non-twain WMA driver criteria
which was introduced in Vista 32 and 64 bit editions, dropping support for
32 bit twain drivers, which will still work in 32 bit Vista but were not
included in box with it.  Win 7 32 bit and 64 bit will no longer support 32
bit twain drivers or furnish them in box with the OS.  Moreover, scanner
manufacturers have introduced in their newer models USB based scanners,
dropping SCSI, and new WMA drivers (both 32 and 64 bit drivers) for the
newly introduced models; but they have not made any attempt to develop said
drivers for their older models.  Thus unless you are running 32 bit XP or
Vista in virtual mode under Win 7 or running a dual boot system, you may not
be able to use your old 32 bit twain driver based scanners in the new
Microsoft OSs -especially the 64 bit versions.

You should be aware, if you are not already, that the upgrade path from XP
to Win 7 will (a) require a clean install of Win 7, although there should be
many more 64 bit drivers available than there was for X64 or Vista 64, or
(b) necessitate a upgrade from X64 to Vista 64 before upgrading from Vista
to Win 7.  One will not be able to directly upgrade from X64 to Win 7 and
have all the settings and registry entries transferred automatically.

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X64 is an oddball OS. Really a bastardized version of server2003. I can't
wait to get rid of it for Windows 7.

X64 predates Vista64, but was supposed to be easily (cough cough) upgraded
to Vista. Well, it required a new install and for the longest time the
drivers were better under X64 than Vista-64. Then Vista was proclaimed to
suck, so I stayed with X64. On usenet, the old X64 users have proclaimed
Windows 7 to be the 2nd coming of the messiah of your choice.

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