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[filmscanners] Re: Cleaning SS4000 scanner

On 13/06/2009 Roger Smith wrote:
> This is very encouraging, Tony. I have had my ancient SS4000 under a
> cover for several years as well, and I'm sure it could use a similar
> cleaning. I may give it a try. I take it that re-assembly was not a
> great problem?

It's easy. 4 plastic spring clips release the cover (use a flat-bladed
screwdriver to lever the tangs inward, and another to lift the lid
slightly). As you remove it, just bear in mind that that lid/top remains
attached to the innards by the wiring loom at the front LH corner.

Then you need a small Philips screwdriver. 2 screws to remove the 'saddle'
that contains the lamp (leave wires attached, just lift it to one side),
and 4 to remove the top plastic part of the film carrier mechanism/stepper
motor cover. That will give you just about enough room to see the small
rectangular hole in the chassis with the angled mirror underneath.

I tried removing the dust 'dry' but it was futile, a wet DSLR sensor
cleaning pad on a bent plastic arm did the job. A lens tissue with lens
cleaning fluid would do just as well. Be gentle, it's surface silvered.

With the helicoid, I just wiped off as much old, dry lubricant that I
could get to with a bit of cloth wrapped round some stiff wire damped with
WD40, then smeared on a little light grease.

There are also some visible metal guide rods for the carriage. I wiped
those with lint-free cloth and then used a brush with a little light oil.
You can't clean and re-lube the whole length of either the helicoid thread
nor the guide rods, but operation will distribute the fresh lubricant one
you have it back together.

All other dust was removed with a dry brush then the used DSLR pad, then
the bits and lid replaced. A 10minute job


Tony Sleep

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