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[filmscanners] Re: RAW?

I was thinking RAW in Vuescan to hard drive, then reading
 the raw back into vuescan for conversion into whatever y
ou want for the final product. I only suggested this beca
use you are planning on doing unattended batch scanning.
If you were going to be present for each scan, then RGB t
iff would be fine for archive. 

To be clear here, I neve
r did batch scanning. There is so much tweaking to be don
e in the scanning process. (I have done the raw to disk t
hen reread into vuescan flow a few times.) 

If you go ba
ck to one of my earlier posts, I believe I suggested usin
g auto level or neutral if you aren't going to do the raw
 process and you are doing unattended scanning.. I may no
t have made that clear.

I wish you luck having a scanner
 in good enough shape to resell. These things are mechani
cal. Old scanners (ok, MY old scanneran artixscan 4000t,
no IR) would do odd things to the point where I can't sel
l it to a third party. I had it jam once, and paid to hav
e fixed and upgraded. Pretty cheap factory service. It wo
rked fine for maybe 2 years after the repair, then would
occasionaly not determine which holder it was being fed.
I got the Minolta 5400 II at granted half the price of
the Artixscan, so it made more sense to upgrade to get IR
, more depth (bits), etc. Then 6 months later Minolta dum
ps the product, selling out to Sony. 

The 5400 II was an
 interim to going digital. I would have never predicted s
omething like the Canon 5d Mark II would be on the market
 so soon. 
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From: Carlisle La
Sender: filmscanners_owner@halftone.co.uk
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ReplyTo: filmscanners@halftone.co.uk
ct: [filmscanners] Re: RAW?
Sent: Mar 2, 2009 9:03 AM

y Gary,

Nope, I won't be buying another scanner.  The LS
-5000 is it, and
after I scan everything in I'll either s
ell it off or give it to a
family member.

However, I'm c
onfused as to what you recommend.  Upgrade and scan
or just go with TIFF?


On Mar 2, 2009, at 1:52
 AM, gary wrote:

> I bought vuescan when there was only
one version. Ed converted the
> original buyers to the pr
o version. Anyway, I didn't realize you
> had the
> lite
> Personally, I think film is dead, or nearly
dead. So do you think you
> will buying a new film scanne
r? I suspect not. So if Vuescan works for
> you now, I'd
keep it. If you think there is another film scanner in
> future, you might as well go for the pro version.
> Now Vuescan can read RAW format from digital cameras,
 at least Canon.
> But Canon DPP does much more than vues
can, so when I finish scanning
> whatever film I haven't
finish yet, I don't see me using Vuescan much,
> other th
an for my flatbed.
> Canon DPP has features that let it
 compensate for lens light fall off
> and distortion. Of
course, only for canon lenses. ;-) The only
> thing the
 program lacks is a fine step rotate.
> Carlisle Landel
>> Good evening, everyone.
>> It occurred to m
e today that I could upgrade my ViewScan to the pro
>> ve
rsion for not too much money, which would allow me to sca
>> format instead of (or in addition to) TIFF and/o
>> Should I do this?  Why or why not?
>> Th
>> Carlisle
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