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[filmscanners] Re: New Fuji Films

Hi Ellis,

Thank you for the run down on the new Fuji and Kodak films.  In spite of
a long standing friction between Kodak and myself, they still offer me
film to test, and I believe I'm supposed to be getting several rolls of
  their E100GX soon.   Fuji Canada, on the other hand, is so tight with
samples, I'm amazed they even let me buy the stuff! ;-)

I do mainly use Fuji film these days, although I liked the E100S and SW,
and used them on overcast days as a faster version of Velia.

Kodak is slowly recognizing that they have to romance photographers,
because they have produced some pretty mediocre films and processing for
a period there, and they developed (excuse the pun) a rather arrogant
attitude about about their place in the market.

Now that digital is pushing film to the sidelines more and more, the
professional that is still sticking to film is becoming an important
target market.

I'm content with Sensia most of the time, and Provia F is a good film
for scanning, so any improvement is nice, as long as the price doesn't
creep up with that.  Some photographers have adopted a "price is no
object" with their film purchases, but I am more and more aware of the
cost as I see my colleagues move to digital.


Ellis Vener wrote:

> I tested these films for "Professional Photographer" a monthly magazine
> published by the Professional Photographers of America organization.
> Fuji's claims are accurate. Astia 100F has finer grain and smoother
> tonality and than any film I have worked with it is also as neutral as
> Kodak EPN with just a little more contrast. Skin tones, using Balcar
> studio flash units, were excellent.
> It is a bit less saturated in the reds and greens than RVP, but has the
> Velvia palette as opposed to a Provia type palette. It also has a
> slightly more open exposure range-- more details are recorded in the
> lower highlights and upper shadows. In other words the color effects
> are not quite s dramatic. It makes for an excellent landscape and film.
> Accutance is very high.
> About ISO ratings and user determined film speed: everybody's
> combination of meter and processing lab is different. You need to test
> the films you are going to use with your equipment and processing.
> Based on my tests, I am metering both films, for most situations, at an
> E.I. of 100
> Kodak has also made giant leaps forward with their new E100G & E100GX
> films. To my eye -- and I realize that film choice is very subjective
> -- I like them more than the films they replace: E100S & E100SW. Much
> better grain and livelier but still accurate color. They are very solid
> alternatives to Provia 100F.
> Best Regards,
> Ellis Vener
> Atlanta, GA
> http://www.ellisvener.com

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