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[filmscanners] Re: Canned air...

For years now, most hardware and auto stores have carried a very
inexpensive 12 volt compressor used for filling your tires using your
car's cigarette lighter as a power source.  These things sell for as
little as $10 CAN with a pressure gauge!  I bought one at Walmart for $6
on special after Christmas.

They are a bit noisy, and they aren't designed for long periods of use
at a time as they heat up too much, but I was thinking all one would
need to do is attach one to a 12 volt DC transformer, with a switch (a
foot switch would be a good idea, as someone mentioned) and a hose
extension with a nozzle on the end, and you've got a very cheap air
compressor which claims to be able to work to something like 150 psi.
If you wanted more control over the air, buy a air nozzle gun (I paid
something like $5 for metal one with a push button trigger) so you could
give the film a "burst" of air.  You could even put the compressor into
some type of vented but noise damped box to keep the sound down (it
isn't any nosier than most cheap air compressors, and a lot quieter than
my large compressor).

Cost would be under $25 total.


nick.grasso@hrads.com wrote:

> Preben wrote:
>>>>10 years ago, I bought a small compressor for graphic use, which  has added
> filtering capabilities, delivery very clean, compressed air. It is very
> silent and efficient. I have since cleaned around 35.000 images with it.<<<
> I just saw an 'electric blower' in my Cyberguys catalog
> (http://www.cyberguys.com). It is called an electronic duster. It is kind of
> like a reverse vacuum cleaner with a 1/2 horsepower electric motor and 3
> different nozzles. It is US $38.49 at Cyberguys but a web search shows that it
> is available from other sources. The manufacturer is Metrodata and the model 
> is ED3. I think I'll buy one. If anyone is interested, I'll post my experience
> with it.
> Nick

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