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[filmscanners] Re: How to label CD backups >Tim

As far as I'm concerned the whole issue is moot.  Try to find a 10 meg
Syquest drive that still works or has drivers any current system can
use, or even an 8" floppy.

Who cares if the media is still readable if no one has equipment that
can.  CD 50 years from now...  Who knows if there will be computers as
we know them 50 years from now?  In the very short history of my use of
computers (maybe 20 years) I have seen several dozen "standards" come
and go, and many are no longer available to any current OS, let alone
finding working equipment.

With DVD-R/RAM/RW now taking over for CD-R/RW how long do you really
think CD-Rs will be part of the computer system?

I believe the longest lasting format (in terms of use, not archival
qualities) is the 3.5" floppy disk, and its what?  12 years old (if you
include 720K versions).

CD may remain viable longer due to its use as a broad music format, but
it too will be replaced long before 50 years.


Julian Robinson wrote:

> At 15:23 06/11/02, you wrote:
>>Now, cases - the conservation guys recommend jewel cases made of
>>polypropylene or polycarbonate, CD's stored on edge. I don't think plastic
>>sleeves came up. I'm not sure you could find any that are archival?
> http://www.compupack.co.uk/detail.asp?productid=22 talks about "archival"
> polypropylene sleeves, and http://www.secol.co.uk/DS.htm has "inert
> polyester based disk pocket".
> Of course one man's "archival" is another man's "temporary", but these must
> have some characteristics that the manufacturers think make them more long
> term than something else they make.  Most normal sleeves seem to be vinyl
> based plastics.
> I would give a lot to get away from bulky and confusable jewel cases but I
> admit they seem to be the best for long term use.
> Thanks for the info.
> Julian

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