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[filmscanners] Re: Help with purchasing decision?

Hi Michael,

I think you will find the Microtek offerings very similar to Polaroid's.

If Polaroid was on more solid footing, I would suggest it as a better
option, because, up until recently at least, they provided better client
support (in North America), and the software package (Insight) is a good
front end (I'm not sure how the Microtek software stacks up).

Since Microtek is the manufacturer, and seems on solid footing for the
foreseeable future, I think you're logic makes good sense.


Michael O'Connor wrote:

> Thanks Erik, Maris, and particularly Arthur, for your help.
> Imaging Resource is a great site for helping to make a decision, and it
> is the site that convinced me earlier that I'd prefer the Polaroid SS to
> Nikon offerings.
> The archives of this list were also very helpful, and will continue to
> be I'm sure.
> Arthur, the depth of your response was extremely on point and really
> helped me come to a decision.
> For some reason I'd feel better buying the Polaroid, but even if I can
> actually still find one, the fact that its now discontinued doesn't bode
> well for any future OS X compatible software/driver upgrades, so I'm
> going with the Microtek Artixscan 4000tf and crossing my fingers that
> the apparent low noise of Polaroid models is also true for the Microtek,
> I'll be sure to post something some weeks down the road when I've
> received the unit and had a chance to put it through its paces.
> This list is certainly a find. Even its discussions on what the meaning
> of is is are fun, its awfully easy to get tripped up when the same word
> has different refernces (resolution) and similar sounding terms (density
> range/dynamic range, dpi/ppi/spi) get mixed up by everyone at some point
> or another; its good to know someone cares.
> Michael O

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