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Re: filmscanners: iCorrect software

Reviews here:





Given my respect for Mess'rs Lyons and Reichmann (first and third links 
above), and my need for such a tool (r-g colourblindness), I jumped at 
it.  I only bought the standard, stand-alone version, as I don't have a 
need for colourmatching at the moment, and I only use Photoshop when I have 

The good - it works.  REALLY well.  I had some friends watch over my 
experiments with it, in case you are wondering how I could judge..:-)
Its ability with skintones is impressive enough, but it is exceptional with 
neutrals, even over a wide range of tones - I could spend quite some time 
with curves and still not manage what it does in a couple of clicks..

The bad - The undo is a bit slow, so it can be a pain to 'back-up'; it 
doesn't remember the last folder used (probably easily fixed via its 
shortcut); and the standard version only works on 24-bit files, which may 
be an issue for some.

Up until now, I felt very uneasy about the possibility of giving out an 
image with a slight cast I had missed because of my 'affliction' - this 
product has really made a difference to me - so I apologise if I sound like 
a sales person..

mark t

Tris, you wrote:

>I agree the plug-in seems the way to go, assuming the stand-alone software 
>has the same feature set. After working a few times with the demo, 
>though., I question somewhat the wisdom of buying it at all. It works 
>after a fashion, but not on all material and the results are here and 
>there. Also, I'm not sure it's any faster to use the iCorrect filter than 
>the other image-correction tools already available to PS or PSP users.
>Appreciate the password if I do bite--where's your review of this 
>software? I'd like to read it.


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