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Re: filmscanners: iCorrect software

I also recommend the plug-in version.  It supposedly is integrated with Photoshop's color management system.

If you buy the download version, make sure you decline the $5US charge that would allow you to make additional downloads if you needed to (such as might happen in a bad computer crash).  The offer is only good for two years.  You'd be better off making a couple of copies of the software as soon as the download is completed and use those as your backup.  If you order the CD disc, you'll have to wait for it to be delivered, it'll cost you $10 more, and you'll have to pay another $8 shipping.  I had no problems doing a download and the software installs easily.

Be advised that the Software is actually sold by Digital River and they charge sales and use taxes for shipments to three states (California and Washington being two that I remember) as well as VAT taxes for some European countries.  However, they do not make it obvious that you'll have to pay those taxes.  There's a small notice in some fine print, but the 'Total' amount they display is misleading because it doesn't include those taxes.  To their credit, Digital River canceled my order for the CD when I discovered I was being billed for taxes not included in the 'Total' they listed.  I then reordered the download version at a big savings (still had to pay taxes, though, but at least I was aware of it by then).

In a message dated 12/19/2001 3:54:23 PM Pacific Standard Time, ilyons@mac.com writes:

iCorrect Professional, the Photoshop plugin is probably the better option as
it provides more functionality than the iCorrect application, see:


BTW: you can (at least they tell me you can) get a discount (I think 10%) if
you insert a promotional code on the purchase page. I wrote a review on
iCorrect some months back so they allow readers to use ComputerDarkroom (one
word) as a promo code.

Ian Lyons


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