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Re: filmscanners: iCorrect software

I agree the plug-in seems the way to go, assuming the stand-alone software 
has the same feature set. After working a few times with the demo, though., 
I question somewhat the wisdom of buying it at all. It works after a 
fashion, but not on all material and the results are here and there. Also, 
I'm not sure it's any faster to use the iCorrect filter than the other 
image-correction tools already available to PS or PSP users.

Appreciate the password if I do bite--where's your review of this software? 
I'd like to read it.


>I have only downloaded the demo but I would certainly get the plug-in:
>with the stand-alone you would have two procedures to do separately.  With 
>the plug-in you can make any adjustments you want first (levels, contrast 
>or whatever) if you wish, run iCorrect as a filter, and then finish up 
>immediately without having to close and save the image and re-open in PS.


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