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Re: filmscanners: SS120 and Kodachrome

The clue might be that the one you are having trouble with has a huge amount of color shift.  I don't know why that would keep any scanner software package from scanning the transparency so that it looked the same in Photoshop as the original.

I assume you know how to set up Silverfast correctly.  It's more complicated than it needs to be and it's easy to make a mistake is the set up and that could certainly give unpredictable results.

One other thing you might try is the Insight software that came with the SS120.  It's good software and might give you different (better) results.

In a message dated 12/19/2001 7:30:52 PM Pacific Standard Time, jeff@spirer.com writes:

At 04:06 PM 12/19/01, Ian Lyons wrote:

> > With Silverfast, the scans are so far off color-wise that it is
> >> virtually impossible to correct, while with Insight, I was able to get
> >> reasonably close with PS modifications.
>Hmm, if SilverFast colour management is correctly configured you should see
>in the preview exactly what you will get in Photoshop. If you are getting
>something different you have a problem - most likely a screwed monitor

What I see in Silverfast is what I see in Photoshop, but it's so far from
the original slide it's very bothersome.

Oddly enough, another slide from the same roll scanned ok.  The one that is
difficult has a huge amount of color shift (that I like, one look at my
color stuff and it's obvious) but the Epson scanner shows it just
fine.  Another scan on the SS120 of a more balanced image is far better.  I
don't really get it.

I did try it with VueScan and the results are similar.  I will try some
more tomorrow, hopefully it isn't the scanner...

Jeff Spirer
Photos: http://www.spirer.com
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