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Re: filmscanners: Album software


You may check www.fotostation.com.


Erik Kaffehr

tisdagen den 18 december 2001 20.33 skrev du:
> I guess a lot of people with film scanners end up printing what they scan.
> Maybe some even end up with the photos in an album sort of format. So
> hopefully I won't be flamed out of sight for wasting bandwith with OT stuff
> ....
> I have a heap of images of different shapes ( I get carried away
> cropping things and also like do panoramic stitches).
> I want to print album pages.
> My ideal program will do the following
> 1)    Allow me to drop a set of images onto a page
> 2)    Let me move, rotate and resize the images
> 3)    Where they overlap, let me control which is on top
> 4)    Give me precise positioning and size control (not just by eye)
> 5)    Allow me to write a multii-line caption is a text box which I
> can move, resize etc just like the images and with the same precise
> control of size and placement
> 6)    Be dead easy to drive
> Microsoft Publisher and the like fail on point 6
> The closest I have come is Photo Elf. Does everything except 5 - only
> does one-line captions and has a semi-useful one-line text box
> capability without precise positioning.
> Anyone know anything about what's about in this field?
> The ability to print photo albums where the photos are different sizes
> does come out looking real nice. Significant photos can be big,
> incidental ones small ....
>       Ian Boag

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